Oliver Ulrich
Media Engineer


I am a 22 years old media engineer from Stuttgart, Germany. I currently participate in a master's program with a focus on interactive media and games.

In my free time I like developing and playing games (also the analog ones), making music, creating 3D-art and watching good movies or Extra Credits.

This website serves as a portfolio of my most important projects. Find out more about my cv on LinkedIn.


My bachelor's program at the university of applied sciences in Karlsruhe offered many different subject areas. The basic concept was to train both technological and journalistic skills, which students were able to combine later. The result were different cross-media-productions, mainly presented online. I mostly concentrated on technological and design-related aspects, such as web design and multimedia storytelling.

For my master's program I then decided to specialize on interactive media and also take a deeper look into game development and design. Therefore I am currently student at the media university in Stuttgart, absolving the engineering master's program "Audiovisual Media" with interactive systems and games as major fields of study. One of the program's great advantages are the remarkable number and variety of selectable courses.

GameOver is a multimedia online reportage that approaches the problematical subject of computer game addiction. It is the biggest project I have accomplished in the bachelor's program. My team and I took special care of strict neutrality and a broad range of information and sources. We also focused on a state-of-the-art technical realization.

GravityHunter is a fun mobile puzzle game. It is a result of the master's program. My task was the technical implementation of the game. It is available to download for Android as an apk-file.

TheCouchLink is a great concept by a colleague from the master's program. Basically it enables you to watch movies with your friends online. Unfortunately, only a short time after we finished the prototype, a similar concept was published: Netflix Party. Well, here is the trailer I made for theCouchLink at least...

Smartphonemania is a prototype of an online magazine that covers any smartphone-related topics. It was developed in the bachelor's program. The core of the prototype a Video about how intensely smartphones are used in daily life.

This is a purely journalistic portrait about the renowned surgeon Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. mult. Reinhard Bittner. I wrote this in the bachelor's program.


3D-design is one of the most fascinating artistic fields. The related production pipelines combine various disciplines like modelling, texturing, lighting and shading in a great way. And it is incredibly versatile in terms of its applicability.

I also do a lot of 3D-design in my leisure time. Architectural renders are one of my favourite subjects. At the moment, however, I am working on a character that is ment to be printed in 3D once it is finished.


Ultitech is a studio for game development, run by three colleagues and me. Currently we are working on "Lightrace", a game similar to the bike-scene from the TRON-movies. The project is still far from being finished, but there is already a playable HTML5-Demo. (Your Browser must be up to date. Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported. Steer with w and d.) Further in­for­ma­tion can be found on www.ulti.tech

My jobs at ultitech are mainly related to concept art and game design. Furthermore I support the game artist with 3D-modelling and texturing.


  • Programming, Scripting, Markup
    C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML5
  • Game Engines
  • Media Production Software
    • 3D
    • 2D
      Photshop, Gimp, Illustrator, Inkscape
    • Editing
      Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Audition
  • Familiar OSs
    Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and other Linux
  • Languages
    German (mother tongue),
    English (C1: "Proficient User")


You can also find me on LinkedIn.